Looking for something new to look stylish on the streets? We have an idea for you: swag outfits for guys! This trend is just being discovered and becoming more and more popular each day. The earlier you catch the trends the better! So, we act early and share this trend already.

Now you can relax and take a look at the best 20 swag outfits for guys that we have collected for you!

1. Swag Fashion 2019

Tan blazer and black ripped jeans with black sneakers. You can add a tan cap to this two-color outfit for more style!

Swag Fashion

2. Green Bomber Jacket Idea

Bomber jackets are so trendy. Here is an outfit with a green bomber jacket, green hoodie, black vest, and black ripped denim pants with black shoes.

Swag Outfit Ideas

3. Swag Outfit Idea for Guys

Blue and black is a really nice color combination. Here’s an example!

Swag Outfit Ideas for Guys


4. Streetwear for Summer

Grey oversized t-shirt and brown shorts with grey sneakers. This outfit is SO great for streetwear fashion!

Swag Outfits

5. Swag Style for Men

White t-shirt and high waisted black pants. The belt makes this outfit more fashionable.

Swag Styles for Men

6. Ripped Denim Pants

White long-sleeved top and distressed ripped denim jeans with sneakers.

Denim Swag Outfits for Guys

7. Street Style

This simple but fashionable street outfit will make you look very stylish! Baggy, long sleeved grey top and black and white trackers with white sneakers.

Street Style Swag Outfits for Guys

8. Distressed Jean Jacket

Swag Jean Outfits for Guys

9. Urban Fashion

Swag Fashion Outfits for Guys

10. Red Hoodie and Jeans

Street Wear Swag Outfits for Guys

11. Denim Jacket

Hypebeast Swag Outfits for Guys

12. Daily Sweatpants

Daily Swag Outfits for Guys

13. Shirt and Hoodie

Stylish Swag Outfits for Guys

14. Casual Style

Casual Swag Outfits for Guys

15. Jacket and Skinny Jeans

Cute Swag Outfits for Guys

16. Trendy Swag Outfit

Trendy Swag Outfits for Guys

17. Navy Hoodie

Swag Hoodie Outfits for Guys

18. Beige Jacket and Black Hoodie

Streetwear Swag Outfits for Guys

19. Trendy Attire for Men

Black Swag Outfits for Guys

20. 90s Style

90s Swag Outfits for Guys

Thanks for reading! So, which outfit is your favorite? If you’re looking for more outfits for men, you can click here!