TikTok is dominating all the internet, especially in the quarantine days. If you’re wondering about the popular outfits you see in TikTok videos, we’ve collected 25 outfits to show you TikTok fashion trends. People of TikTok’s favorite style is grunge, alternative, retro fashion. Old-school outfits are very trendy on TikTok. So, if you want to know how to style your outfit for this, the outfit ideas we’ve collected for you will definitely give you inspiration.

It’s not only for funny videos or dances. You can learn many things about fashion and trends from TikTok. Be warned, this trending app can make you addicted. With everybody saying that they miss the 90s, it’s nothing unexpected that this notable period earned a spot among the most well known TikTok fashion trends. In this gallery, you’re going to find the best TikTok inspired outfits that will give you inspiration. Who knows, maybe these outfits are what you’re looking for? You can take inspiration from these combinations to style your outfit and use the clothes you have in your wardrobe. So, in short, if you’re in the mind-set to shake the cutest outfits of this cherished time, TikTok has all the style inspo you need.

Here are the latest TikTok fashion trends with 25 outfit combinations.

1. TikTok Fashion Trend

Jeans never get outfashioned. They are always trendy.

Tiktok Fashion Trends

2. Ripped Pants

Ripped pants are one of the most characteristic pieces of this fashion.

Tiktok Outfits

3. Black and White

Cropped white top with high waisted black pants. Combination of these two colors are a classic.

Tiktok Outfit Ideas


4. Mom Jeans

E Girl Tik Tok Outfits

5. 90s Attire

Tiktok Soft Girl Outfits

6. Indie Style

İndie Tiktok Fashion Trends-6

7. Teenage Fashion

Tiktok Teenage Fashion Trends-7

8. Cute Look

Cute Tiktok Fashion Trends-8

9. Retro Outfit

Tiktok Retro Fashion Trends-9

10. For Blonde Girls

Tiktok Fashion Trends for Blonde Girls-10

11. Edgy Look

Edgy Tiktok Fashion Trends-11

12. Aesthetic Wear

Aesthetic Tiktok Fashion Trends-12

13. Vintage Clothing

Tiktok Vintage Fashion Trends-13

14. Trendy Outfit

Trendy Tiktok Fashion Trends-14

15. Casual Attire

Casual Tiktok Fashion Trends-15

16. Elegant Fashion

Elegant Tiktok Fashion Trends-16

17. All White

Tiktok All White Fashion Trends-17

18. Stylish Jeans

Stylish Tiktok Fashion Trends-18

19. Comfy Style

Comfy Tiktok Fashion Trends-19

20. Black Hoodie

Tiktok Hoodie Fashion Trends-20


Tiktok Fashion Trends-21


Tiktok Fashion Trends-22


Tiktok Fashion Trends-23


Tiktok Fashion Trends-24


Tiktok Fashion Trends-25