Summer is here and we don’t always have enough time to think about what to wear when we go outside. Sometimes, you don’t want to think about it or just you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to create cute outfits. For this purpose, we have collected the best easy summer outfits for you! These outfits are really easy and simple to wear, also they look SO stylish and fashionable. We’ve included outfits with shorts, skirts, crop tops, off shoulders, mini dresses and more!

Best Summer Outfits

There are very popular outfit combos like a t-shirt and shorts. We’ve also included these combinations but in the most stylish, the easiest and the cutest way. If you’re a follower of Outfit & Fashion, you already know the latest fashion trends and best outfits. We didn’t forget to include trendy pieces and outfit trends in this article too!

So, what are we waiting for? Keep reading to see our collection of 30+ easy summer outfits to look stylish and save time!

1. Easy Summer Outfit

A white cute top and vertically striped yellow and white shorts with black shoes. To add more style and protect your eyes from the sun, you can wear sunglasses. This outfit is really nice for summer and it’s really easy to wear.

Easy Summer Outfits

2. Summer Style with Off Shoulder Top

Floral, orange off-shoulder top with denim shorts. This outfit is another cute but simple summer outfit!

Summer Outfit Ideas

3. Cute Outfit Combination

Here’s another floral piece but this time it’s on the shorts. A black crop top and black floral shorts with black high heels. This outfit is chic and elegant. It’s perfect for a night out, date night or a gathering.

Summer Outfit Combinations


4. Orange and Black Street Style

Black top with light blue denim shorts and black boots. An orange thin sweater to add more color. Orange and black go really well together as we can see in this outfit idea. A great street style outfit.

Summer Outfits

5. Simple Summer Outfit

Here’s another very simple but stylish summer outfit idea. A white shirt, olive shorts with brown sandals. You can use accessories like bracelets, rings, a brown straw bag or a scarf around your neck or hair to add more style to your outfit!

Summer Outfits 2019

6. Denim Shirt and Shorts

Stylish Summer Outfits

7. Casual Brown Dress Skirt

Popular Summer Outfits

8. Ripped Denim Shorts

Summer Denim Outfits

9. Boho Style Outfit

Boho Style Summer Outfits


10. Casual Combination

Casual Summer Outfits

11. Black Top and Denim Skirt

Summer Skirt Outfits

12. Blue and White Striped

Summer Jacket Outfits

13. All White Dress

White Summer Outfits


14. Cute Red Mini Dress

Summer Dress Outfits

15. Daily Easy Style

Daily Summer Outfits

16. Vintage Look for Teens

Vintage Summer Outfits

17. Grunge Outfit Idea

Grunge Summer Outfits


18. Street Style Shorts and Top

Street Style Summer Outfits

19. High Waisted Mom Jeans

High Waisted Summer Outfits

20. Classic Combination for Summer

Classic Summer Outfits

21. Cute Floral Print Dress

Cute Summer Outfits

22. Turquoise and Black Style

Black Summer Outfits


23. Pink and White Top with Shorts

Pink Summer Outfits

24. Outfit with Black Converse

Fashionable Summer Outfits

25. Comfy Style for School

Summer Outfits for School

26. High Waisted Jeans

Do you like high waisted pants? Click here to see more high waisted pants outfits!

Summer Jeans Outfits


27. Idea for Teen Girls

Teen Summer Outfits

28. Pink Top and Denim Shorts

Alternative Summer Outfits

29. Attire with Handbag

Everyday Summer Outfits

30. Elegant Neutral Colours

Elegant Summer Outfits

31. Chic Top and Blue Shorts

Chic Summer Outfits

32. Hipster Style with T-Shirt

Hipster Summer Outfits

So, what do you think? Which outfits are your favorite summer outfits? For more summer outfit ideas, click here!