Do you want to look cute and stylish or stay comfortable and warm? Different oversized sweater models you will add to your wardrobe will not make you choose. These cute outfits with oversized sweaters, the favorite of winter outfits, and fall fashion will also be your savior in seasonal transitions. Big, shabby sweaters, a popular part of the winter months, have long been an essential part of wardrobes. Nowadays, when we feel the yellow autumn with sudden temperature drops, it is useful to review your wardrobe.

While the oversized sweater models that we will see in the shop windows in the winter season will be the most beautiful part of your daily combinations, I bought a few that I think will give you an idea about making oversize combinations. Pull up to see warm combination suggestions for oversized sweaters that will welcome spring without surrendering to the cold of winter.

Here are 35 cute outfits with oversized sweaters we’ve collected for you to take inspiration for your fall and winter style!

1. Cute Outfit with Oversized Sweaters

Cute Outfits with Oversized Sweaters

2. Fuzzy Top

The most popular part of every period and indispensable for the trendy look, jeans are indispensable for a comfortable and functional style with long, shabby, and comfortable sweaters that are among the timeless pieces. The small details in your jeans can be a stylish detail in your sports style.

Outfits with Big Sweaters

3. Elegant Winter Look

Oversized Sweater Outfits


4. Brown and Loose

Cute Big Sweater Outfits

5. Daily Wear

Cute Outfits with Big Sweaters

6. Balloon Sleeve

Cute Outfits with Balloon Sleeve Oversized Sweaters-6

7. Winter Fashion

Cute Winter Outfits with Oversized Sweaters-7

8. with Skirt

Oversized sweaters, coats, sweatshirts, which have long been the centerpiece of street fashion, are combined with different skirt models and are very suitable for original style experiments.

The thing to consider when combining mini skirts and shabby sweaters; collecting the starting point of the boiler in one piece. The mini skirt with lace or leather details will allow you to try a style with a very nice line with the oversized sweater in the basic model. You will feel good.

Cute Outfits with Oversized Sweaters and Skirt-8

9. Cute Casual Outfit

You can achieve a balanced look by completing the narrow form of leather trousers with the wide form of shabby sweaters. You can make stylish combinations by adding feminine details to the leather pieces you will make with your oversized sweaters, which have a shabby and comfortable style.

Cute Casual Outfits with Oversized Sweaters-9

10. Long Sleeve

Cute Outfits with Long Sleeve Oversized Sweaters-10

11. with Jeans

Cute Outfits with Oversized Sweaters and Jeans-11

12. Comfy Feel

The idea of ​​combining long and loose sweaters with long and shabby skirts sounds a bit strange, you are right, but you can have a sophisticated style by paying attention to a few points. It will undoubtedly be easier to combine tight midi skirts or maxi skirts with oversized sweaters. Choose an oversized sweater for a pleated, loose and flared skirt for a shabby and natural daily combination, choose a skirt color or a color close to this color. You can look effortlessly stylish with your long sweaters with an elegant heel, a stylish bag or accessory detail.

Comfy Cute Outfits with Oversized Sweaters-12

13. Street Style

Cute Street Style Outfits with Oversized Sweaters-13

14. Trendy Combination

Trendy Cute Outfits with Oversized Sweaters-14

15. Crewneck

Cute Outfits with Oversized Crewneck Sweaters-15

16. Classy Idea

You should definitely try the shirt and sweater duo in your daily combinations where you can look plain, comfortable but stylish with small accessories to be added. Why not add a classic stiletto to the shabby style where you can evaluate your oversized sweaters with your oversized shirts. The shirt detail visible from the collar of your sweater dresses can well make you the star of the day.

Classy Cute Outfits with Oversized Sweaters-16

17. Autumn Fashion

Cute Autumn Outfits with Oversized Sweaters-17

18. with Tights

Cute Outfits with Oversized Sweaters and Tights-18

19. High Boots

Cute Outfits with Oversized Sweaters High Boots-19

20. Business Casual

Business Casual Cute Outfits with Oversized Sweaters-20

21. Comfortable Attire

Comfortable Cute Outfits with Oversized Sweaters-21

22. off Shoulder Style

Cute Outfits with Oversized off Shoulder Sweaters-22

23. Wool Sweater

Cute Outfits with Oversized Wool Sweaters-23

24. White Color

Cute Outfits with Oversized White Sweaters-24

25. with Ripped Denim Pants

Cute Outfits with Oversized Sweaters and Ripped Denim Pants-25

26. Pretty Outfit Idea

Pretty Cute Outfits with Oversized Sweaters-26

27. Pink Color

Cute Outfits with Oversized Pink Sweaters-27

28. Knitted Sweater

Cute Outfits with Oversized Knitted Sweaters-28

29. Stylish Look

Stylish Cute Outfits with Oversized Sweaters-29

30. Camel Color

Cute Outfits with Oversized Camel Sweaters-30


Cute Outfits with Oversized Sweaters-31


Cute Outfits with Oversized Sweaters-32


Cute Outfits with Oversized Sweaters-33


Cute Outfits with Oversized Sweaters-34


Cute Outfits with Oversized Sweaters-35