Thanksgiving is almost here! Bon appetite for those delicious turkeys. There’s one more thing to consider to enjoy Thanksgiving a lot more: casual Thanksgiving outfits! Luckily for you, we’ve collected more than 25 Thanksgiving outfit ideas for you to take inspiration for this holiday. Of course, there are many styles, clothing, and pieces to choose from but our gallery will help you with that. If you’re looking for a nice and cozy and stylish outfit, we’ve got tons of ideas. They are all trendy, stylish, and cute.

Thanksgiving is mostly part of fall and therefore, fall fashion is all you need. It’s a great season to style your outfits with its unique colors and vibe. If your favorite season is fall, you probably love styling your look for the Thanksgiving holiday. Whether you’re going to celebrate this holiday with your friends or your family, or alone, these outfit ideas will help you not only for Thanksgiving but also for the fall season. You can celebrate in style!

Without further ado, here are the casual Thanksgiving outfits we’ve collected for you!

1. Casual Thanksgiving Outfit

Here’s an outfit with fall colors that will make you look stylish and it’s really comfy.  If you don’t want to wear high boots, it’s okay to switch it. The outfit will look just as fine.

Casual Thanksgiving Outfits

2. Scarf and Jeans

Denim is everywhere and it’s always trendy. Skinny jeans with a baggy sweater and a thick scarf.

Thanksgiving Casual Outfits

3. with Hat

Do you love wearing hats? If your answer is yes, take a look at this cute Thanksgiving outfit!

Thanksgiving Outfits for Women


4. Fur Vest

A cute vest over a white sweater and finishing the look with denim jeans will make you look so amazing!

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

5. Fall Colors

Combining the season’s nice and warm colors with ripped denim pants is a pretty good idea.

Cute Thanksgiving Outfits

6. Cute Look

Cute Casual Thanksgiving Outfits

7. Flannel Shirt

Casual Thanksgiving Shirt Outfits

8. Minimalist Fall Style

Casual Thanksgiving Fall Outfits

9. Trending Attire

Trending Casual Thanksgiving Outfits

10. Thick Cardigan

Casual Thanksgiving Cardigan Outfits

11. Winter Fashion

Casual Thanksgiving Winter Outfits

12. Comfortable Outfit

Comfortable Casual Thanksgiving Outfits

13. Long Sleeve Sweater

Casual Thanksgiving Sweater Outfits

14. Stylish Shoes

Stylish Casual Thanksgiving Outfits

15. Ripped Jeans

Casual Thanksgiving Jeans Outfits

16. Elegant Top

Elegant Casual Thanksgiving Outfits

17. Cool Look

Cool Casual Thanksgiving Outfits

18. White Cardigan

Casual Thanksgiving White Outfits

19. Green Jacket

Casual Thanksgiving Jacket Outfits

20. Chic Combination

Chic Casual Thanksgiving Outfits

21. Plus Size

Casual Thanksgiving Plus Size Outfits

22. Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

Casual Thanksgiving Boyfriend Jeans Outfits

23. Autumn Fashion

Autumn Casual Thanksgiving Outfits

24. with Uggs

Casual Thanksgiving Outfits with Uggs

25. Black and White Striped Top

Casual Thanksgiving Black Outfits

26. Plaid Pattern

Casual Thanksgiving Plaid Outfits

Thanks for checking out! Which outfit idea is your favorite? If you’re looking for more Thanksgiving outfit ideas, tap here!