Fall draws on and you’ll need some new outfit ideas to look stylish, right? For this, we’ve gathered 40 casual fall outfits for men. Casual wear is a really important clothing style for men because it’s very popular and cool. The fall season is great for this style of outfits because of the season’s unique rich colors and the vibe. If you like wearing layers of clothing, this season is probably your favorite season of all.

What Should Men Wear for Casual Outfits for Fall?

There are many different options to wear when it comes to the fall season and men’s casual outfits because of its unique variety of clothing pieces and colors. The most popular and essential ones are boots, sweaters, coats, jeans, leather jackets, and shirts. But how should you combine them? There are very popular outfit combinations such as shirt and sweaters or bomber jacket and t-shirt. In this guide, you’ll be able to create your own outfits according to your style and wardrobe. Because we’ve covered men’s autumn fashion for many different styles. So, don’t worry because this post is all you need to look cool and stylish in the fall as a guy.

Let’s begin our guide to casual fall outfits for men with 40 stylish, cool, and unique ideas!

1. Casual Fall Outfit for Men

As we mentioned earlier, sweaters and jeans are one of the most essential pieces of fall fashion. Here’s an example with a grey sweater, dark washed denim pants with brown boots.

Casual Fall Outfits for Men

2. Ripped Pants

You can still wear ripped pants in the fall season. It makes you look so much cooler.

Fall Outfits for Men

3. Suit Jacket

Blazer and suit jackets can be used in casual attire as you can see in this outfit.

Men Casual Fall Outfits


4. Brown Boots

This season has many unique colors and brown is one of them.

Casual Outfits for Guys

5. Leather Jacket

Red sweater, brown leather jacket, dark green pants. If you’re looking for a classy but casual look, you should give this outfit a try.

Fall Outfits for Guys

6. Preppy Fashion

Looking for a smart look? An outfit idea like this is probably will do the job for you.

Preppy Fall Outfits for Men-6

7. Everyday Outfit

A simple, classic sweater over a shirt combo. You can wear this combination for your work because it’s a really good business casual outfit for men.

Fall Everyday Outfits for Men-7

8. Zac Efron’s Style

Of course, you can take inspiration from celeb guys’ styles. Zac Efron knows how to style his attire.

Zac Efron Fall Outfits for Men-8

9. Smart Attire

Coats are another essential piece of this season.

Smart Fall Outfits for Men-9

10. Office Idea

If you’re working at an office. A comfy outfit idea like this will be really good for you.

Fall Office Outfits for Men-10

11. Trend In 2020

Fall Outfits for Men 2020-11

12. Field Jacket

Fall Jacket Outfits for Men-12

13. Modern Outfit

Modern Fall Outfits for Men-13

14. Jeans Fashion

Fall Jeans Outfits for Men-14

15. Flannel Shirt

Fall Shirt Outfits for Men-15

16. London Street Style

Street Style Fall Outfits for Men-16

17. Cool Look

Cool Fall Outfits for Men-17

18. Trenchcoat

Fall Outfits for Men with Trenchcoat-18

19. Comfy Outfit Idea for Men

Comfy Fall Outfits for Men-19

20. Half-Zip Sweater

Fall Sweater Outfits for Men-20

21. Classy Style

Classy Fall Outfits for Men-21

22. White Sweater

Fall White Outfits for Men-22

23. Urban Men’s Fashion

Urban Fall Outfits for Men-23

24. Trendy Outfit Idea

Trendy Fall Outfits for Men-24

25. Easy Combination

Easy Fall Outfits for Men-25

26. with Scarf

Fall Outfits with Scarf for Men-26

27. Clean Look

Clean Fall Outfits for Men-27

28. Denim Jacket

Fall Denim Outfits for Men-28

29. Gentleman Fashion

Fall Outfits for Gentleman Men-29

30. Skinny Jeans

Fall Skinny Jeans Outfits for Men-30

31. Daily Outfit

Daily Fall Outfits for Men-31

32. Black Jacket

Fall Black Outfits for Men-32

33. Grey Turtleneck

Fall Grey Outfits for Men-33

34. Also for Winter

Winter Fall Outfits for Men-34

35. Stylish Look

Stylish Fall Outfits for Men-35

36. Hipster Attire

Fall Hipster Outfits for Men-36

37. Casual Work Outfit

Fall Work Outfits for Men-37

38. Brown T-Shirt

Fall Tshirt Outfits for Men-38

39. Sweater and Shirt Combo

Fall Shirt Outfits for Men-39

40. Classic Look

Classic Fall Outfits for Men-40

Thanks for checking out our gallery! You can tell us which outfits are your favorite in the comments section below! If you couldn’t find what you’re looking for, we’re sure that you’ll be able to find it in another post of ours!