Brad Pitt has been a fashion idol for men since the 90s. He inspires many people with his style every year. He and his style is trending these days because of his upcoming film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. For this reason, we collected some of the best Brad Pitt outfits for every style to inspire you!

Here are 21 Brad Pitt outfits for your outfit inspiration. Let’s scroll down to see!

1. Brad Pitt Style

Black sweater with a black tee, khaki pants with white shoes.

Brad Pitt Styles

2. Brad Pitt Outfit

Olive t-shirt with a black jacket over white pants and white sneakers.

Brad Pitt Outfits

3. Boots and Khaki Pants

A cool beige jacket over a white tee, beige pants with white boots.

Brad Pitt Fashion


Despite what he may look like in a portion of his movies, Pitt maintains a subtle casual esthetic when he is out and about. Although he is known for having an unhealthy fixation on fedoras, as long as you can overlook that then his style is actually relatively simple to get down. Try a light T-shirt and chino combo for a decent summer look, or pair an overcoat with certain jeans to stay warm during winter.

4. Casual Style

White shirt with beige pants. He really likes these two colors.

Brad Pitt Fashion Style

5. Brad Pitt Dressing Style

Here’s a more casual outfit with a navy top and navy pants.

Brad Pitt Street Style

6. Street Outfit

Brad Pitt Street Outfits

7. T-Shirt and Jeans

Brad Pitt T-Shirt Outfits

8. Dark Wash Denim Pants

Brad Pitt Denim Outfits

9. Casual Style

Brad Pitt Casual Outfits

10. Black Tuxedo

Brad Pitt Tuxedo Outfits

11. Coat and Jeans

Brad Pitt Outfits-11

12. Vacation Style

Brad Pitt Vacation Outfits

13. Airport Outfit

Brad Pitt Outfits-13

14. Black Coat and Denim Pants

Brad Pitt Black Outfits

15. Red Carpet Style

Brad Pitt Red Carpet Outfits

16. Brown Boots

Brad Pitt Outfits-16

17. Leather Jacket

Brad Pitt Jacket Outfits

18. Grey Jacket

Brad Pitt Outfits-18

19. 90s Style Outfit

Brad Pitt 90s Outfits

20. Layered Jackets

Latest Brad Pitt Outfits

21. Navy Blue Outfit

Brad Pitt Outfits-21

Which outfit is your favorite? If you’re looking for more outfits for men, you can click here!