Halloween is almost here! If you’re looking for DIY Halloween outfits for your look this year, you’re lucky because we’ve collected the 5 best Halloween costumes from your closet! They’re all easy to do Halloween costumes. You can test and show your skills and creativity with these homemade Halloween party costumes. So, let’s take a look to get inspired!

1. DIY Scarecrow Idea

Want to look like a scary scarecrow? Then, all you need is denim overalls, a shirt, boots with socks and some hay. In this outfit, we see a yellow shirt but you can wear any color you want. Wear them all, makeup, add some hay for details and you’re done!

Halloween Costumes From Your Closet

2. Homemade Rosie The Riveter

“We can do it!”.

Halloween Outfits 2019

3. Easy Outfit


Halloween Outfit Ideas 2019


4. Simple Snow White Princess

If you want to look like a princess, this easy Halloween is for you. Blue top with a white shirt, yellow skirt and that’s all!

Halloween Styles

5. Creative Halloween Outfit Idea

Looking for a more creative idea? Consider this “miss universe” costume!

Halloween Outfit Ideas

Thanks for reading! Which outfit idea is your favorite? Don’t hesitate to be creative and add your own additions. If you’re looking for more Halloween costumes from your closet, tap here!