You just got a party invitation. Pleasant. Congratulations. But are you asking how to style your party outfits for men? Excellent question!

Party outfits for men may appear to be straightforward at first, but you’d be astounded at how often folks appear at the function not dressed the part. Of course, it doesn’t require a tuxedo, but you’re not dressing for a casual night out with the chaps. For many, it’s anything but difficult to think of the cocktail attire dress code as covering with business wear, but with a touch, more articulation than the workplace may permit. We’ve outlined some visual inspiration and a list of general do’s and don’ts to keep you looking and feeling sharp at your next party.

In this guide, you will see exactly what to wear and how to draw off your party attire in style thanks to our experts’ tips. We’ve included plenty of photos and pictures to make it as unambiguous as could be allowed.

Here are 23 party outfits for men to look stylish and attractive at parties!

1. Party Outfit for Men

Here’s an outfit that looks sleek and attractive! Black suit jacket over a striped white shirt and black pants. Bowtie makes it even more stylish. With the right hairstyle, this outfit will make you look absolutely stunning!

Party Outfits for Men

2. White Linen Jacket Style

White jacket over a white shirt and navy blue pants, black shoes.

Party Outfit Ideas for Guys

3. Tropical Attire for Guys

Navy jacket over a floral shirt and white pants.

Party Outfits for Guys


4. Men’s Party Fashion 2019

Green suit with a floral shirt and brown shoes.

Mens Party Fashion

5. Olive Green Suit

This outfit is similar to the previous one. But this one is plainer.

Party Outfit Ideas for Men

6. Dark Green Slim Suit

Prom Party Outfits for Men

7. Blazer Jacket

Grey Party Outfits for Men

8. White and Tan

White Party Outfits for Men

9. Grey Suit

Casual Party Outfits for Men

10. Wedding Attire Idea

Summer Party Outfits for Men

11. Semi Formal Style

Semi Formal Party Outfits for Men

12. Aloha Shirt

Party Suit Outfits for Men

13. Brown Blazer Jacket

Stylish Party Outfits for Men

14. Street Style Outfit

Street Style Party Outfits for Men

15. Pink Color Shirt

Elegant Party Outfits for Men

16. Matt Bomer Style

Spring Party Outfits for Men

17. Navy Jacket and White Shirt

Elegant Party Outfits for Men

18. Cocktail Party Outfit

Cocktail Party Outfits for Men

19. Light Grey Jacket and Black Pants

Classy Party Outfits for Men

20. All White Style

All White Party Outfits for Men

21. Dev Patel’s Look

Chic Party Outfits for Men

22. Gentleman Outfit

Gentleman Party Outfits for Men

23. Slim Fit Wedding Tuxedo

Tuxedo Party Outfits for Men

Ready to rock the parties? Which outfit is your favorite? If you’re looking for more party outfits for men, you can click here!